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March 13, 2024 0

Health Insurance Options For Freelancers and Contractors

By Ellice Whyte

As a self-employed, freelance or contractor it is essential that you understand your options when it comes to health insurance coverage. Options available to you may include purchasing coverage directly from an insurer or via the Affordable Care Act marketplace...

June 8, 2023 0

Navigating the World of Insurance

By Ellice Whyte

No matter your reason for purchasing health coverage, or changing plans, taking the time to assess all available policies is...

August 31, 2022 0

How to Make an Insurance Claim

By Ellice Whyte

Filing an insurance claim is a complicated process that depends on the fine print of your policy. If you have...


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July 11, 2024 0

Latest Changes in Tax Laws Affecting Small Businesses in 2024

By Ellice Whyte

As tax filing season kicks off, small businesses should keep an eye out for several changes they should watch out for. As one example, the IRS delayed requiring payment apps...

November 6, 2023 0

Tax-Saving Techniques to Lower Your Tax Bills

By Ellice Whyte

Taxes are an unavoidable part of life, but smart savers can use fully legal strategies to minimize their tax bills. One method involves increasing withholding amounts on each paycheck. Other...

November 11, 2022 0

How to Maximize Your Tax Refund in 2022

By Ellice Whyte

As of last year, the average tax refund was $3,651. This year, we should expect a slightly smaller refund. Most people file their taxes earlier in anticipation of a large...

December 5, 2021 Off

How to File an Amended Tax Return

By David John

An amended tax return is a necessary form if your original returns are inaccurate or incomplete. The IRS will audit your prior three years of returns and charge you interest...

October 20, 2021 Off

What Is Withholding Tax?

By David John

What is withholding tax? This type of tax is paid by the person who is making the money, and it is deducted from the amount of income that is owed...

August 14, 2021 Off

Long Term Capital Gains Tax in France

By David John

There are many different types of tax rates for long term capital gains. The tax rate will depend on your circumstances, but in general, it is about 18 percent. Long-term...


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April 4, 2024 0

Tax Implications of Cryptocurrency Transactions

By Ellice Whyte

When purchasing or selling cryptocurrency, income tax may be due based on its fair market value at the time and day of your transaction - this applies equally for on-chain and off-chain deals. Airdrops generate taxable events when you receive...

November 24, 2023 0

Building a Successful Freelance Career in Finance

By Ellice Whyte

Working freelance can be attractive to many professionals; however, it comes with its own set of financial responsibilities. Full-time employment...

August 9, 2021 Off

The Case Against Safe Moon Crypto

By David John

The case against SafeMoon is a cautionary tale for crypto investors and complex DeFi products. Crypto critic Molly White, who...